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if you really knew me, i could tell you about what i’ve accomplished in my 56 years, but that just feels pretty superficial. the truth is, i dance with the freedom and discomfort of presence all the time, and have a growing sense that i have no idea who i am. if you really want to read a little story about my life thus far, however, feel free to read on. otherwise, i look forward to reading your comments about the things i share in my blog… i’d love to dialogue with you there. thank you for visiting!


i was raised in a family of academics and activists on a beautiful homestead in the Sierra Nevada mountains, which greatly colors the lens through which i see the world. although i no longer live there full-time, i miss it a lot and am working on a way to spend more time there with my husband Jakob and our extended family. over the years, i have busied myself with things like managing The Refuge (our community center/farm), music, writing, life coaching, teaching, and facilitating a variety of workshops. most rewarding, however, are my deepening relationships with Jakob, our amazing adult children, family, friends and community. i’m slowly re-learning to do mostly what i love - spending more time in meditation and reflection, playing music, reading, writing, good conversations, gardening and taking walks in nature.