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"I absolutely loved being with you this past weekend!!! You did a stellar job, terrific preparation and presentation!! I also thoroughly loved being with everyone, meeting (in a wonderful essential way) other souls on their journey....more to come!!"

-Laura D, January 2014 Murphys workshop


"This is not an easy "sit back and relax" workshop. It was an eye-opening journey of what brought you to this point in your life and led you to explore what you need to do now. It makes you discover what needs to be done to pursue your dreams."

-Monika, Januaury 2014 Murphys workshop


"GTYM was like taking 3/4 workshops at once. It was so real. It ripped open my heart. It let me into others' and it connected more deeply and motivated my more completely to go for my mission/vision than ever before. Thank you for informing, inspiring and igniting me to be my GREATEST contribution in the world. I totally f-xx-in' get that I really really matter!"

-Yebuny Johnson, January 2014 Murphys workshop


"I came knowing God led m there out of the blue. I knew I had to seek and find why I matter again when I was feeling despair and beaten. I was losing Love. This workshop connected me to loving people with a heart to make a difference just like mind. It showed me to love the people that cause me fear and bring me down. I learned so much in one weekend. If you have a dream, this workshop will help you make it happen."

-Sue Gordon, January 2014 Murphys workshop