Making a Difference with Be Love Radio

Before I go any further, I apologize for not getting these last few conversations posted until now. April was quite a full month and I have no excuse other than getting overwhelmed with all I have said "yes" to and being present to disappointing more people than I have before. Woohoo! I'm living waaaay out of my comfort zone! Thank you to all of you who follow this blog - for your patience, love and encouragement. We are up to some great things here at Get That You Matter… and we very much look forward to sharing more as they develop. Having said that, I am having a fantastic time doing this Be Love radio series with Kidest; she is truly a most wonderfully heart-centered, wise and present person, and we have a lot of fun doing these interviews!

When we rolled out Chapter Four about Making A Difference, we both remarked on the fact that this is such a powerful and timely conversation. That deep desire in each of us to make our mark on the world, to know that we have come here for a reason, that we’ve stood for something is burning brightly at this time in human history. I believe we are born to serve… it's as if the need to serve is hard-wired into each and every one of us; it's just that our own minds can get in the way, in many different ways.

In this rich half hour, we talked about many facets of what it means to make a difference. In talking about knowing the difference between being of service and having our "15 minutes of fame" and how easy it is to confuse our higher calling with our need for attention and approval (oh, that slippery little ego!), it's so important that we remember that making a difference is an inside job. It's all about us… it's about us BEing the difference for ourselves and that will ripple out to everyone around us. We have to be willing to look at our motivations for making a difference, and realize that a big part of making a difference is about letting go of our need to be in control. We also talked about the trap of comparison, cultivating confidence and the dance of arrogance and finding our way back to the middle. All in all, it's about remembering that we are part of the whole and we're here to fulfill our purpose simply by accepting who we are here to be.

All in all, it was a delicious conversation and I invite you to listen to the podcast of the April 10th show by clicking this link to listen to the conversation for free!

I wish you fun and joy in playing with the Meditation, Mantra and Movement for Chapter four!

Meditation for Making a Difference…

“How and where do I matter? How and where do I make a difference?"

Journal about how you have impacted the world around you in favorable and unfavorable ways, consciously or not. Write about how you make a difference in your own life, the lives of others and for the planet as a whole, and how you can have even more of a powerful, favorable impact.

Mantra for Making a Difference…

"I matter because…"

After journaling about how you have impacted the world in useful and not so useful ways, create a mantra that you can say over and over again to yourself (and others if you wish!) that affirms how you matter. This is a chance to stretch, to try on new thoughts about yourself and speak them out loud.

Movement for Making a Difference…

Make a difference, having an impact!

Using the information and insight you received from your Meditation and Mantra, take some time to come up with an action that would make a difference in your life or in the life of another person, whether you know them or not. This is your opportunity to practice a "random act of kindness" and see how you feel afterward.