Birthing Your Vision with Be Love Radio

This week on Be Love Radio we moved into the section of the book where we begin to put all of our concepts and ideas together into some really cool concrete activitites. Chapter Eight is all about Birthing Your Vision, where you will learn about creating some tools that will begin to express your inner world in the outer world. The key to bringing your Vision to life is in reclaiming your dream like we talked about in our last show and getting "clear-eyed" about it as Marcus Buckingham so wisely teaches. I shared with Kidest and her listeners about creating a Self-Defining Declaration - a wonderful self-inquiry and development tool I learned from Steve Bearman when I took his Interchange Counseling Institute course a few years ago.  We also talked about the Visioning process itself, where you have an opportunity to go inside and connect deeply with your most inspiring vision for your whole life or an area of your life in which you wish to raise the bar or create a powerful project. Then we talked about Vision Statements, Vision Boards and Vision Books. These powerful tools are visual representations of your vision so you will be able to be reminded of it, not only in words but in pictures that inspire, empower and motivate you to bring your dreams to life!

Lastly, remember to have fun with your creation process and celebrate yourself once you have completed your Vision Board or Vision Book. You can take yourself out for dinner, watch your favorite movie, go for a walk in nature or anything that makes you feel really great. Whatever you choose, remember you did this because you matter and you get to celebrate yourself for the very same reason!

You can get full descriptions of the Self-Defining Declaration as well as the Vision Board and Vision Book processes in the excerpt from Chapter 8 of Getting That You Matter, available here. Just click on the link and you'll receive your first free download. Stay tuned for the Visioning Meditation mp3 that will be available soon; I'll make sure to post on facebook, twitter and here on Get That You Matter when we have that audio available.

I wish everyone the most wonderfully fun, inspiring and powerful time with your "playwork" for Birthing Your Vision. Thank you for doing all you are doing to Be the Change you wish to see in the world!

Meditation for Your Vision:

"What is my Vision?" Take at least an hour or two to write, in your journal or on your computer, your self-defining declaration. Now use your self-defining declaration to flesh out your Vision for your life (or one area of it). When you feel like you have it the way you want it (remember it's going to give you tingles!), copy or print out your Vision and hang it up or put it somewhere you will see it every day.

Mantra for Your Vision:

"I am creating…" Begin to see your Vision for your life and share it with anyone who will listen. Regardless of how you do it, the important thing is to say it as if you are already doing it, even if you haven't yet taken any action. Speak about it as if it's happening now and you'll be amazed at the positive response you get. The more you speak it, the more you will believe it and begin to take real, concrete actions that move you toward creating and living it.

Movement for Your Vision:

Bring your vision to life and inspire yourself! Create your vision board and/or vision book. Remember to take your time with this part of the process. As a matter of fact, feel free to keep reading the rest of the book while you are working on your vision; the more time and care you take with it, the more connected you will feel to it.

Materials for Your Vision Board or Book:

Poster board/cardboard/chipboard or Journal or Binder with plastic inserts

Glue sticks



Folders for pieces

Marking pens


Colored pencils


Other fun items you'd like to include (money, greeting cards… the list goes on)