Elements of Purpose... Part 1 with Be Love Radio

In our show on Chapter Five, Kidest and I talked about some of the elements that help us cultivate, get clear about, stay "on track" with and maintain our connection to our unique purpose more easily and effectively. The four elements (or qualities) that we discussed – patience, clarity, integrity and agreements – have been important to me in cultivating and maintaining my connection to my purpose, and we'll look at a few more in our next show when we talk about "trusting the process." Patience can be a very powerful tool in loving ourselves through the process of cultivating our purpose. For those of us who are "seekers," patience with ourselves, our processes and life itself is important to get us through those times when we're wanting to know so badly – right now – our purpose. Loving ourselves through the process is a lot easier when we are willing to live "in the mystery" of life. Tools like tools like meditation and breathing deeply can assist us in being patient with it.

Like the handmaiden of our divinity, Clarity is always ready to help. We just have to ask – and we often have to humble ourselves to receive it. Sometimes it seems so elusive – like it's always one step ahead of us. At other times it's right there, like a flash of lightning. Clarity is not always nice either; it can really wake us up sometimes. But when we're willing to get out of the way and listen, we will get our answers… they may not be what we thought we wanted, but they're always clear. You can hear more about my own personal journey with clarity on the Be Love show.

Integrity is all about being in alignment with our own values. Developing integrity requires that we examine our thoughts, words and actions closely to find the places where we are out of alignment and then do what it takes to return to alignment. When we live from this place, we have no excuse for playing or staying small – nor do we want to – even when it seems easier to do so. We're up to much bigger things now!

One of the best ways to stay in integrity is to make agreements that support us. We have to look at our motivation for the agreements we make, however, because many of us make unconscious agreements about how we're going to be in the world, often from a place of scarcity. The thing is, when we make agreements from that place, that's when we can get in trouble. This week, you'll have an opportunity to look at the agreements you've already made and the ones you'd like to make.

As we discussed on this show, when we get that we matter, we're attuned to fulfilling our purpose and when we're fulfilling our purpose, we can't help but get that we matter. I look forward to reading your comments and questions as you embark on your journey to finding your purpose! Listen to the archived show to hear the whole conversation.

Meditation for Finding Your Elements of Purpose
"What are my old agreements? What are my new agreements?"

Take some time to journal about what keeps you from remembering that you matter. Look at your old agreements - how they have served you in the past and how they no longer serve you now. What kind of agreements have you made? What is your motivation for making agreements? What's your deeper truth? As you begin to dismantle the ways they operate in your life, you can begin to unlock their old, hidden power over you and free yourself from their grip. Then begin to play with creating new, empowering agreements that work for you today.


Mantra for Finding Your Elements of Purpose

"I agree…."

Use your new, powerful agreements as your mantra(s). Say them to yourself whenever you can and use those notes and other reminders to help you (remember, you can put them on your bathroom mirror, on your steering wheel, or in your journal). Have fun!


Movement for Finding Your Elements of Purpose

Take consistent action in alignment with your new agreements… and celebrate!

As often as you remember, be sure to take actions in alignment with your new agreements. Whatever you choose to do, commit to being consistent about it. You'll find the rewards to this kind of discipline extremely rewarding once you set yourself up with a regular practice for building the muscle of keeping your agreements. And don't forget to celebrate yourself for taking action!