Elements of Purpose... Part 2 with Be Love Radio

In our conversation about more elements of purpose on Be Love Radio, Kidest and I talked about self-care, humility and surrender, faith and inspiration, and gratitude. It was, as always, a fabulous half hour! We started out with self-care – one of the most foundational pieces of getting that you matter. One of the most colorful examples of self-care is the airplane analogy of putting on our oxygen mask first, then helping the person next to us. This may seem irrelevant, but it illustrates how very important it is to take care of ourselves so we can be available to take care of those around us. In that airplane, if we're passed out, we can't help the person next to us. Similarly, in life we can't be of greatest service to the world if we're burned out, exhausted or unhealthy.

As we discussed in our last show, we have to be willing to humble ourselves in order to receive the clarity we need. In the Zen tradition, they call it "Beginner's Mind." We must allow ourselves to get humble and relinquish being "general manager of the Universe," as Debbie Ford says. When we let go of our need to know, to be right and anything else that our ego attaches to, then we can humbly surrender to our purpose and see that we matter just like everyone else.

Inspiration literally means "to be in spirit;" when we in-spire, we literally breathe in spirit. When we are willing to surrender, even when it seems most scary and like there will be no one or nothing there to catch us when we leap off the cliff, we find Faith waiting to catch us out there in mid-air. Faith and inspiration keep us going when we think we can't go on by ourselves.

Gratitude is one of the key components of living a life of purpose. As a matter of fact, I'd venture to say it's the key. When we're living from gratitude, we can't help but feel passionate about our lives; conversely, when we're living from our passion, we can't help but feel grateful. If you choose an "attitude of gratitude," I guarantee you will experience miracles!

I invite you to listen to the archive of this week's conversation to learn more, and join us for the upcoming shows on Be Love Radio!

Meditation for Trusting Your Process- What are Your Elements of Purpose?

"What unique qualities do I need to develop?"

Take at least fifteen minutes a day for the next five days to journal about what elements you know you need to develop in order to begin to trust the process of fulfilling your purpose. Look at your current self-care practices and ask yourself what it would look like for you to take exquisite care of yourself. Perhaps your self-care is right where it needs to be, or your elements are the same as some of the ones in Chapter 5 and above; perhaps they're totally different. The beauty is, only you can know what will most support you in developing your purpose.

Then, write down some acknowledgments for all the ways in which you already possess these elements, and how you can develop them even more, easily and effortlessly. You might want to ask yourself, what you would need to let go of and embrace in order to develop them fully. Give yourself the gift of your own best attention for this work. Take as much time as you need; this is a foundational process.


Mantra for Trusting Your Process- What are Your Elements of Purpose?

"I am…"

Now you get to practice owning and living these elements as fully and powerfully as possible! I encourage you to say them out loud, to yourself, your family members, friends and anyone else as often and as joyfully and proudly as possible. You might say something like, "I'm an incredibly patient and humble person who takes care of myself" or  "I surrender to God's will for me and live every day from faith and inspiration every day!"

Whatever words you choose, I invite you to make it fun and playful! That will help your mind to accept these words of validation without going into self-doubt and stories about how you aren't all that. When you do find yourself doubting, say them even more often, write them down – anywhere, and remind yourself that the other voice is just afraid of losing control. Perhaps you can ask it what it needs so you can practice your self-care and continue being proud!


Movement for Trusting Your Process- What are Your Elements of Purpose?

Living your elements…

Go inside, even journal about it, and look to see what you can practice you can begin today, tomorrow or this week to help you begin to develop these elements and build your trust in your own process. Perhaps you can begin or extend a meditation practice to develop your patience, or you can start a gratitude journal. Whatever your practice, commit to doing it on a regular basis and get the support you need to maintain that practice. When you are exercising these muscles, you'll start to feel more confident and capable of living into a life of purpose.