You Are Unrepeatable on Be Love Radio

Here are some highlights from our latest conversation with Kidest on Be Love. You can listen to the replay of the show here. You are Unique

This year, we will hit the seven billion mark for the number of human beings on the planet – that's an astonishing figure. Check out this very interesting video:

The thing is… there are all these people on the planet and there's only one you. You are unique. There is no one else on the planet like you.

But what happens when you don’t see this, when you don’t really grasp the full meaning of being unique? You minimize your gifts and talents, believe that you're not worthy or good enough, and believe the lie that you don’t make a difference. In other words, you begin to believe that you don’t matter.

When you think those thoughts and act from those beliefs and assumptions, you cheat yourself, everyone around you and the world from what you have to offer? The good news is… you can change your story and begin to believe that you matter and have something to offer that only you can offer. In other words, you can remember your uniqueness!


Kidest brought up the idea of insignificance – that widely-accepted notion that stems from self-rejection and the belief that we don't matter. The thing is, this notion is an incredible paradox. It's true that, on one level, we are insignificant… and, on another level, we're unique- there's no one like us- so therefore, we are incredibly significant!

So many times, though, I've taken insignificance to mean "I don't matter" when really it's a great way to keep things in perspective so my ego doesn't get the better of me. It allows me to come from a place of real humbleness. The truth is, we're part of it all and the beauty of being part of it all is that it holds both our microscopic smallness compared to the vastness of all that is and our vastness in all that is.

Amor's Story

Amor shared a great story about her realization that she wasn't honoring her own uniqueness or mine in trying to be like me on the "front stage" on the radio show. When she tried to be someone other than who she really is, she triggered her old story of not being capable. Then she felt stressed and lost connection with her authenticity as an incredible supporter and someone who creates foundations for people like me to shine. When we had an honest conversation, we got to come back to seeing and loving our unique offerings in our work together!

How It Starts

What happened with Amor and I happens all the time, everywhere. As Kidest said, we can fall into the vortex of not-enoughness. Then we start relating to each other from our wounds rather than our essence. When we start living from that place, it ripples out into the world and we can take that wounded relating to the global level.

It all goes back to when we were little children. Look at babies… aren't they amazing and perfect? But even though everyone is born perfect, as we grow up we get taught to believe that we're broken. We get bombarded with messages that we're not good enough and told that we need to be fixed.

The truth is, you are not broken – you never were. There is nothing wrong with you. You are whole and complete just as you are… and you don’t need to be fixed in order to matter. It's important to continue to remind yourself of this truth, especially when you feel alone and doubtful of your significance. One way to do that is to ask yourself questions like:

What takes you away from that original "in love-ness" with yourself?

What did you start to tell yourself about not being special or unique?

The Ripple Effect

Getting that you matter is about getting that you have an impact on the world whether you want to believe you do or not. Every thought, word and action has a ripple effect that touches the lives of those around us. When you forget that you matter, you forget that you have an impact.

You matter because you exist in the world – not separate from it. You don’t live isolated from others – you are not an island. Making a difference isn't only about getting that you're unique, it's also about getting that your actions affect those around you, whether they seem positive or negative, helpful or hurtful.

Being Yourself

What's so beautiful, too, is that when you get how unique you are, you come back to what's authentic for you. And when you do that, you get to reconnect with your purpose, just like Amor did! When you get that you are unique and that you matter, anything is possible!

Listen to this week's show here!

This Week's Meditation, Mantra and Movement

Meditation: "What's unique about me?"

What makes you who you are? What makes you different? Special? Unique?

Mantra: "I am unique because…"

What can you appreciate about yourself today? What could you tell yourself every day to appreciate your uniqueness?

Movement: Do something to express your uniqueness!

What could you do to express your uniqueness today or in the next few days? What would really give you the experience of loving yourself for the unique person you are?