you've got the whole universe in your hands

our wonderfully bold, brilliant friend Ryan Curtis is truly one of the most amazing visionary artists we know. his heart and joy for living are as big as the universe. we're absolutely thrilled to support his fundraiser on indegogo to publish his upcoming children's book, "You've Got the Universe in Your Hands" which ends February 8, 2014. click on this link to watch his wonderful video and consider supporting a children's book with a message whose time has come. if, for some reason, you don't see this until after the campaign ends, please visit his website, AquariusDreams, to support him by purchasing some of his gorgeous greeting cards or one of his amazing paintings. he's also going to have a website where you can pre-order copies of the book; we'll keep you posted.

The unknown story of parental alienation…

I was deeply touched by my friend Chelsey Williams' heartbreaking story of having lived with the tremendous grief of being alienated from her sons by their father over a period of many years. Because of this difficult experience, she has committed herself to helping and teaching others about this devastating family dynamic by founding the Parental Alienation Global Directory which provides online resources and counsel to alienated parents. Although she is still estranged from her younger son, her older son reached out to her once he began film school last August and their relationship is blossoming again. She saw him only a handful of times between the time he was 12-19, and while it is taking time, she is very impressed with the person he is becoming. As she wrote to me, "I cannot tell you how amazing it is to hear him say "I love you Mom'. I didn't hear it for six years."

I was so moved by her strength, courage, persistence and deep love for her boys, and her commitment to making sure other parents have the opportunities to heal that she created with her older son, I had to share about it here. I trust that, in time, she will have that same experience with her younger son… and hopefully even reconcile with their father. She is truly a bright beam of light and is making a huge difference in the lives of many parents. You can read more about her story on her blog.