Making the Commitment to Go Carless

Car overtaken by plants- by Flora Grubb Nursery in SFI recently moved to San Francisco and, in doing so, realized that I can get around just fine without a car. So, after 25 years of being a car owner, I decided to take what may seem like a monumental leap in this auto-centric culture and sold my car. 

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In the meantime, what kind of commitment can you make to lighten your footprint on the planet? What might you do - either one big, decisive action or a new daily practice - that would galvanize your commitment to easing up on our environment?

It's pretty easy if you think about it... all it takes is three steps:

1. Getting that you matter- that your actions and choices (no matter how small) have an impact.

2. Being willing to commit to making different choices, regardless of how small or big they are.

3. Taking consistent action in alignment with those choices.

Let me know how it's going... I'd love to hear! Feel free to post comments here or at the Cafe Gratitude site. Stay tuned to our website,, to learn how you can become part of the Get That You Matter team.