your life

you think you are separate?you think you are alone? disavow yourself of that hackneyed story. it does not serve your majesty.

there is no way you could be separate. everything you touch touches you. everything you love is longing for you to know you are loved in return.

give up this illusion, this attachment to your pain. it is such a petty reward, too small for your grandeur.

you are so much greater thank the cave in which you believe you are imprisoned.

let go the chains you grip so tightly. they never were shackles. let them fall away and get to the door.

let the light enter your eyes. let it make you shudder at its brilliance. let it melt you to the core as you weep and laugh all at once.

use your feet - crawl if you have to, but get yourself out in the cool air, into the dust and wind. feel the pain of being alive.

and know this - this is your life, and anything other than this is something you never wanted in the first place.

stand in the sun, even if you are blinded. stand in the rain, even if you are drowned. stand in the wind, even if it blows you to shreds. sand in the silence, even if you never hear

anything but your own breathing reminding you that you are part of life, that the darkness was of your own making and this unknowable light is what you really are.