Juice Cleansing and The Gift of Patience

This is not my usual lengthy article-like blog. It's actually more of what I hope to be posting in future- an update, an insight here or there, a way to communicate and share and be "radically transparent" as my new friend Tricia's button said (which I loved!). I hope you enjoy it, find it useful or helpful; if it is, I'd love to hear from you. If not, delete the invitation to read it, roll your eyes as you muse on how much time and energy you wasted, or print it out and make origami cranes out of it. Regardless, know that I'm honored you got this far! So, without further ado, Day FOUR of The Cleanse.

I am on my 4th day of a Juice Cleanse with Cafe Gratitude's co-founder/owner, Terces Engelhart, and am really grateful to be doing it along with a worldwide group of folks who have signed on for this monthly quest for health, insight and a deeper experience of wholeness. Knowing that so many others are on this week-long journey with me makes it 10 times easier to keep going and not give in to the temptations of delicious things in the freezer and all the goodies at the Farmers Market!

One of the themes is forgiveness, so I thought I'd share a bit about what I forgive myself for over the last four days. I forgive myself for the vegan Thai curry soup I had on Day 1 (with chunky bites of veggies in it), the few bites of coconut I had on Day 2 and 3, for making a cuisinart "frappe'd" slightly cooked soup for dinner tonight, and for not drinking enough water today. I forgive myself for being tempted to stop today because it felt "too hard" and I really, really wanted one of those amazing waffles (or at least a raw taco) from the stand at the Farmers Market.

Mostly, though, I'm freaking proud of myself for hanging in through this "hump day" on Easter, this day of Resurrection, renewal and rebirth. I'm grateful that I'm listening to my body when it says to rest and walk gently, to go to the beach and hang out, to not overdo and go to bed early, and to be quiet. I love the gift of re-acquainting myself with my own voice yet again. So divine.

In honor of my gratitude for this experience, here's a poem I wrote yesterday morning.

Day 3….

for a week or a day

give up
your daily unconscious

release that
which no longer
and notice the

you want to fill

but don't.

Instead, wait
wait for it to feel

even if it takes a month
or a year.

Let it be filled
from your deep
innate desire
to serve.
What will it be?

Is not important.

What is,
is that you
let the space

be there

without filling it
with your old
and choices

let a new light
from deep in the earth
from the
vastness of the sky
fill you

with inspiration
as you wait
for your assignment.

I wish you patience in waiting for your assignment, and once you get it, I wish you the most fiery, passionate execution of it! Happy Easter everyone!

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