April's BEing Game: We Are Grounded

This month our GTYM team is taking on Being Grounded!  For us this looks like holding the beautiful creations we've crafted in March within a strong container and connecting them with the earth, our primary source of life.  Like the roots of a tree, we are diving into our foundations and growing connection to substance.  As Terces Engelhart says, "we are choosing to walk a spiritual path with practical feet'" allowing our work and daily practices to be our spiritual practices by choosing wisely to sustain ourselves, mama earth, and each other in a way that assures that we, connected to each other as one, thrive!  How are you choosing to be grounded in your life?  What roots you to your purpose and has you simulatneously take care of the earth and others while caring for yourself?  Do you see how getting that you matter is actually the most grounded and sustainable action you could take for the earth?  How does grounding in self care and love show up in your life and how does it impact your local community and the earth? Comment below; we'd love to hear from you!