Being Bold

I love this being game!  We love it so much that we plan on playing it all year long as our theme for 2014.  To me, being bold is about living outside the lines.  It’s about being unreasonable.  With all of these tools we’ve got, why not make bold requests, make bold apologies, make bold affirmations, and act boldly? What stops me from being bold is typically doubt, and I learned something really amazing about doubt at our Get That You Matter workshop over the last weekend.  I found that hearing my ego express “doubt” means that I must have hit a nerve. If I hear “you can’t accomplish that” or “that won’t work”, it likely means that there’s something radical behind that wall, that to accomplish beyond the doubt would shatter the ego’s stronghold, and unveil a whole new vision of myself I had not known was there.  I like to think of doubt as my invitation to follow the unknown, to follow the fear, to challenge its truth.

Going in the direction of certainty (to take a polar opposite approach to living boldly, or moving against doubt), is business as usual.  Nothing changes with a school of fish riding a current together.  Being frozen in fear and doubt is business as usual (whether the fish swims or not, the current will continue to sweep them in the direction of business as usual).  Being bold means getting uncomfortable, and seeing doubt as a challenge, a game.

This year I invite you to live boldly, to boldly go where you have not been before.  If you’re feeling uncertain, it means that you’re moving something.  If you’re feeling scared, it means that something incredible awaits you on the other side.  The world can’t wait for you to be ready for when all of the circumstances are lined up.  Paradigms don’t switch without it, you need to get bold.