Being Committed

Being CommittedThis month, the Get That You Matter team is taking on BEing Committed. Last month’s game of BEing Transparent allowed us the space to be fully expressed and authentic with our experiences. BEing Transparent was just what we needed to let out everything that we felt in our hearts, and now for August, we are actively taking on BEing Committed:  taking a stand for what we are actively creating, contributing to, and letting go of. BEing Committed feels like that pressure and resistance of the diving board at the deep end of the pool when you let all of your weight press against the springs, ready to jump. The end of the board hugs and holds your weight as you dip down, pushing your entire weight onto the end of the board. You are ready, committed in that moment, to launching yourself, swinging in the air, and meeting that cool wet world below the surface.

BEing Committed is like signing at the bottom of a lease, pressing the pen against the clean crisp paper, writing your name with a thick stream of ink that puts your word, your promise on living in this new space, this wonderful new home that will open up a world of new possibilities.

BEing Committed is throwing your hat over the fence, planting seeds in your garden, or registering for a class. BEing Committed is saying “I love you”, or joining a picket line. BEing Committed is rooting your feet into the soil, and standing straight for what you believe in, for what lights you up.

We are taking the opportunity this month to search our hearts for what we are committed to, and following through, putting our word on it.  Consider that you are as powerful as your word, and the bigger your commitments, the stronger you are. You are as powerful as your integrity, and it all starts with your commitment. It is your launching pad, your springboard, the diving board that propels you into the air. It creates the trajectory, from which you build integrity and power by following through.


What are you committed to?