Being Connected

being connectedI love this time of the year.  As temperatures drop, and the weather surges outside in many parts of the country, people are moving inward.  We tend to move a little more slowly, and treat ourselves with long showers, lingering conversations, and hot meals.  This time of the year holds many important holidays that reconnect us with our friends and family, that draws us to travel great distances just to be with the ones we love.  This is a time of connection and a time for closeness.It is in our connection to those around us that we can see the most immediate impact that we have on the world.  The people that look up to you, the people that you listen to, the stories that we share… we are all so infinitely connected, making waves of impact on those we love.  This holiday season I invite you to tend to your connections and family circles, whatever “family” means to you.  It is in these places where we have some of the strongest and most potent impact.  Where can you be love triumphing against fear in your family?  What can you clean up with your loved ones?  What can you take responsibility for? Who can you acknowledge?