Being Courageous

I don’t know about you, but this being game experiment that we’ve been taking on has been sweeping me off my feet!  Every month we’ve been playing full out on a way of being, and I can report that October’s game of BEing Courageous has unmistakably shaken up my world. Being courageousConsider that courageousness does not need to be about performance, toughing it out, or generating fearlessness.  Being courageous is about feeling the fear and acting anyway.  Unlike courageousness, fearlessness is about disregarding fear, or refusing its existence.  It’s ensuring ignorance in order to make a daring move. It’s closing your eyes to jump off the edge of a cliff, or reminding yourself that monsters don’t exist, so why be scared of them.  Fearlessness is battling the fear and doubt, and trying to reason your way around it.  Courageousness is looking directly at the cliffside.  Courageousness is stepping up and talking to the monster. Instead of asking a friend to push you into jumping, it’s counting down and keeping your promise to jump on three.  This month we are honoring courageousness, and I am personally ensuring that courageousness comes with transparency and authenticity in my life.  Faking it till I make it is not at the heart of courage.

This month we are taking on being courageous. Where in your life are you letting fear get in the way?  Have you been avoiding it or trying to trick yourself out from under it?  I invite you to see fear an an invitation to something bigger.  Fear is telling you that there is an opportunity on the other side of that wall- some other world that you’ve been too terrified to break through. Fear invites you to step outside of your own skin, to imagine what other reality is possible, and invites you to be bigger than you ever thought you could be.

What awaits you on the other side of fear?